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Vanilla Beans (Tahitian), Ground




Tahitian beans have a very reliable vanilla flavor and are excellent all-purpose beans. However, you’ll find that when fresh they possess unique flavors of fig, licorice, and chocolate. We love to use these for making homemade extracts but they also do remarkably well in jams, sauces, preserves, and cocktails.

Ground vanilla beans should be used the way one might salt: adding a just a pinch to help round out flavor. It provides sweetness without the addition of sugar. Use in creamed soups, jams, marinades, dressings, cocktails, or baked goods. We love to take a bit of it and combine it with salt, pepper, lemon zest and thyme and use it as a rub for pork or game meats.

Vanilla beans are one of the most unique, cherished, and utilized spices in the culinary world. In fact, one might say it well beats out saffron in each of these categories when you consider how nearly every home baker would fall into a state of collapse if their vanilla suddenly vanished.

Vanilla beans are actually derived from orchid plants. The vanilla orchid flower isn’t a fancy one; it’s rather skinny, with no inflorescence, and a pale yellow pallor that can hardly be considered appealing. Yet the orchids of the genus Vanilla aren’t prized for their looks but the seed pods they produce. These seed pods are packed with vanillin – the fragrant organic compound responsible for vanilla flavor.


Vanilla orchids require exhaustive effort and attention. To begin, they only grow in very specific climates and are notoriously sensitive, even with years of selective breeding to toughen them up. The plants are carefully grafted and trellised, then the flowers pollinated by hand. It then takes the seed pods six months to form and mature before they can be harvested. The pods then go through a complicated and extensive curing process that lasts another six months before being graded for quality based on size, appearance, moisture content, and aroma before being sold.

Vanilla bean fans that we are we only sell the highest quality vanilla beans. You’ll find each one to be fat, black, fragrant and wet. In other words: perfect.


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