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Tandoori Spice




The term “tandoori” originates from India and refers to the tandoor oven or tandoori. The oven is made of brick and clay and when fired can reach blazing temperatures of 500F. The intense heat and the immense smoke produced from the fire and the make of the oven ensure that food is quickly cooked and the juices sealed in.

Tandoori spice is most commonly used in tandoori chicken. The recipe calls for chicken to be marinated in yogurt and then tossed in tandoori spice which is a spice mixture primarily known for its intensely red color – often brought on by cayenne, chiles, and tomato powder. The result is a fire engine red roast chicken with plenty of punch and crispy skin.

Of course, if you’re looking to add a perky step to some classic American cuisine we highly recommend sprinkling this over a wedge salad slathered in blue cheese dressing or adding a dash to chicken pot pie.


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