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Juniper berries are sourced from an evergreen shrub that grows in Northern, rather chilly climates and some temperate climates. It has been used for centuries as a table spice and an ingredient for marinades, spirits, and as a preservative by ancient Romans, Gauls, the French, and many Native American tribes. (The latter also used the berries as beads for jewelry and decoration.) Many cultures also thought the berries to have mystical properties such as the ability to purify dwellings or the body.

The flavor is piney, sweet, woody, fresh and will definitely remind you of gin. Whole Juniper berries are popular mainly for pickling and for the production of gin and other spirits. However, the flavor of these dried juniper berries work well for meat rubs. Blend with salt, garlic, and black pepper for a popular dry rub that goes well with venison, boar, and lamb. Finely ground with themy and rosemary, the rub features well on less fatty cuts of beef.


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